Thursday, March 16, 2017

Foot Post - Skip If You Don't Want the Details

Not that the pics are all bad, but I wanted to document this surgery somewhere I wouldn't lose it.

The day of surgery.

The day the pins came out.

After pin removal - front

After pin removal - back

After pin removal and cast removed.  There was a lot of dead and wrinkly skin.

9 Weeks, but still in boot

10 weeks - woot woot tennis shoes

10 weeks - still wrapping toes

11 weeks - after showering

11 weeks - this is going to be my life.  Big toe fused with a plate, it will be stiff from here on out. 2nd and third toe will remain with a bit of lift in it.

From the other view.

And ta da, almost four months later, I've been sprung from the podiatrist.

No more walking on bone for me!

Side by side, left and right, still have quite the main scars and the foot is red a lot, but that will fade in time. 

Down side, I went through my shoes last night.  These are going to new homes at the South Side Mission. 

Some things will take a little more time, like swelling and a bit of discomfort.  But, I got the go ahead to shower standing up, barefoot as tolerate, start getting some exercise.   No shoes over 1/2" incline, no squatting and the big toe will not bend so there may be some things that are different.

Good news - the bunion will never come back like some who have had bunion surgery.  With my fusion and plate, it is not coming back.

Double good news - time to shoe shop!!!

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