Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Summer Sweaters

Ok, so today in Central Illinois, it rainy and thundery and the long-term forecast is cloudy and rain!  That great Friday last week is just a memory, but, I know that we are going to turn around really soon and the sun will be out, it will be warming up every day and the knitter in me is going to wish I had spent a few months working on Spring/Summer sweaters for wearing.

This past week in the car, I heard a great saying from Sally Melville on the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club podcast  that I want to remember:
"Knit the sweaters you love, wear the sweaters you knit"

We, as Knitters, probably only really think about knitting sweaters for the late Fall and Winter for keeping us nice and warm when the temps are cool and the snow is falling.  And that would be me as well, but my need for Winter sweaters last year was very small.

Granted, with the list of all the things I want to knit, I should probably think about starting now for next Fall and Winter, but those gals over at Espace Tricot Episode 7 , once again have me thinking Spring/Summer Sweaters and their current episode (link above), have increased my favorites again.
You have to watch them, if you are not!!

I have been a fan of two of their free patterns even before I knew who Espace Tricot was.  Some may say that is obvious as to why I was a fan of the first one, the colors in it of course...and that may be very well true, but still I have loved it. 

This is the Ombre Tank Top.  It uses the same technique that my much beloved Heavenly Heathers Blanket has, using the base yarn with a new color in the stripes as it progresses.  The yarn is from Shibui and yes, may be pricey in some standards, but I think I am worth it.

Next up is the Double-Take Tee.  This is very reminiscent of a couple of weeks ago Fish or Cut Bait WIPS, except for more of a sleeve, which because I am a knitter I know how to extend that sleeve to cover those pelican arms of mine!    The sample is knit out of a Habu fingering merino/ silk yarn that I am sure if I searched for, I may find a nice substitute, but then again, lately, I have been a knitter who wants to try new yarns and the yarn the originals have been knit out of.

Before I can knit these two though, I have to jump on Espace's website and get my order together, which will give me some more time, to plan my Spring/Summer Sweaters out of.

What are you planning on knitting this season?  I would love to know, I am always open for more ideas.  And stay tuned for further Spring/Summer Sweater Knitting adventures and thoughts!

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