Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finds

One of the knitters I follow on Instagram, posted this magazine from the U.K.  They had me at the Faroe Islands!  I had to have this issue so I ordered it.  So cool - food, knitting, sheep, the land of the Faroe Islands, some good reading and great pictures!

From the Fringe Supply - all of their orders come in this muslin bag.

I saw these needles on the podcast Espace Tricot as an interchangeable set.  When I saw a post from Fringe Supply on Instagram that they were carrying the fixed ones, I thought I'd order one size of the fixed and see what they were like.

I cast on this past week a Boomerang Shawl on them to give them a try out.  The points are not super pointy, but for some straight garter they will be fine.  I am still a Chiagoo lady so I will not be converting to these from my faves.

Not because I needed any sewing up needles, but because I was intrigued by needles that were made in Hiroshima, I added these to my order.

My main reason for ordering was this Field Bag that I have read and heard quite a bit about lately.  It is a sturdy canvas bag with a very stiff drawstring to close it, which as I understand it after some use will soften up as will the one leather handle on handle on the outside.

The inside has pockets on both sides, one having grommet holes to guide yarn through.

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