Monday, March 13, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week?

Yep, that is my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl still in the bag.  I just need some time to sit down in the quiet to wrap my head around doing the border.  

My Fog Shawl.  One of my goals for this year is to knit on some WIPs and get them off of the needles. I have a whole chest devoted to them right now, and it would be nice to convert the chest to other knitterly things, like project bags or finished objects.

Fog is the perfect pic for early Spring wearing and a nice pattern for knitting semi mindlessly.

The Aise Shawl.  While recuperating from my foot surgery, I refrained from watching a lot of QVC for fear of ordering all kinds of shoes and clothes that I would not be wearing any time soon.  The other reason was that I was not in any kind of a position to be able to get to the porch to get the packages before the Tall Guy could.

Once He was back to work and I had my boot and could navigate to the porch was about the time that I happened onto Espace Tricot's video cast on You Tube.  Talk about enabling!  This yarn is one of the purchases that I bought from them in Montreal!

Originally, the yarn was slated for a wrap that I saw on their project page on Ravelry and after starting it, decided that with the two yarns held together, I just was not in the mood to navigate the needles and the yarn together for either of the wraps.

I love the two yarns together, but am thinking at this time they will be a nice Hospice Shawl of which I really like the Aise pattern for.  I've knit Aise before, it is a whole lot of stockinette, but fits the bill for draping over either a patient's lap or shoulders.  And the softness, well, I hope that it is comforting as well.

Aise is my go to work lunch project/knit nite project/Saturday morning knitting project, something that I can easily knit on without a whole lot of watching while I knit project.

What's on your needles?  I would love for you to comment below!

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