Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Forward?

Did you set your clock forward today?

In Central Illinois, it is the day we lose an hour sleep (in the middle of the night)!  It messes with the going to bed thing, the work thing and the getting up thing.  But, on the upside, before long, it will be nice enough to do some porch knitting.

While it is not actually Spring yet ( it doesn't officially arrive to next Monday, the 20th), and even though we've had the mildest of Winters and days when it almost seemed like Summer was on it's way, I was greeted this morning before I was even out of bed with a Winter Weather Advisory on my phone starting tonight through travel to work hours tomorrow.  So, it would seem that Spring really isn't here quite yet as we have a possibility of 3-4 inches of snow by tomorrow.  Further weather temps would appear that it is going to be around a few days before it melts away.  I am hoping they are wrong and it goes much North of us (sorry Northern Illinois).

To look on the good side though, I've got my shawls stacked down on a chair ready to be worn this week with some turtle necks.

Once I wear them, they will make their way to another pile on the table, so they can be carried upstairs to be put away until I can wash and dry them outside later this Summer.

I've got a busy week ahead, hoping that before we know it, the weekend is here again.  Have a good one!!

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