Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday WIPS

I'm pulling the WIPS out again.  I may not have a new one every Wednesday to blog about, but in my quest to get some off of the needles, I'm going to pull one out, work on it and.....

My plan is to decide before the following Wednesday if the project needs to fish or cut bait.  You know, the project that was great when you started out on it, what seemed like a gazillion years ago, but now for various reasons, it is time to pull it off the needles, re-purpose the yarn or even toss it, put the bag in the stack for future projects, and forget it OR knit knit knit like the wind and finish it!!

This week's WIP is: A Slice of Linen Tee

I have to admit, this one up until last night, had me still debating Fish or Cut Bait.  Will I wear it or am I just knitting on something that will never be worn?  The linen yarn that I am using is new to me and not the superest soft of yarns.  But, as I recall when I did my swatch and washed it, way last year, it softens up a bit. 

The original intention was to have white on 1/2 of the front and either the blue or the green on the other half and then do as  the pattern shows, the back as one color, or flipping and having 1/2 blue, 1/2 white.

I clipped the white and made the decision to start with the green for the second half of the front.  It was at this point, that I was totally re-thinking whether this project was viable, but all of a sudden, I had that moment, when what really was the issue smacks you in the head - it was the white on front I was having issues with. 

Since I didn't like the white on front looking at me, I decided to knit the entire back white, started the ball back up again  and continued.  What I really liked was the thought of the green and blue on the front halves, somewhat like the original picture on the pattern.   Sometimes a project is like that, you need to say to yourself, what don't I like about this?

The bag the tee had been housed in was from SilverShedUSA, one of my favorite bag makers, but just was not large enough to encompass this WIP and the yarns, so I brought out my new bag from Amy Beth that I bought at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat last month.  It is perfect for my Wednesday WIP!

I'm pleased with my decision to continue with the knitting of this WIP!  It is a nice mindless knit and shouldn't take too long to finish up in time for later this Spring/Summer wearing!

WIP on!

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