Sunday, March 05, 2017

What's On The Needles?

Technically not on the needles, but rather on the hook, my scrappy crochet blanket.  The only time it gets any work done on it is when I am doing laundry downstairs, and sitting around waiting for something to be done.  But, once I start on it, I am hard pressed to put it down always wanting to see what the next color way will be.

A simple luxury shawl, I am hoping this will be done soon.  I am anxious to move onto the next WIP.

And my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl.  It is all ready for the final border.  This one, I'll need to do at home so I can concentrate on it.

Today, was windy and just barely 60, but I took advantage of a bit of sunshine to knit on the front porch, just a bit.  It felt so nice to be outside!

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