Monday, March 20, 2017

What's On the Needles This Week?

 Girl from the Grocery Store Shawl from Leading Men Fiber Arts.  There are a couple of KALs that I'd like to enter this one in that end March 31st, so if I want to make that deadline then I better give it some knitting time.  A few rows here and there.

I love knitting on the Fog Shawl stockinette sections, but not crazy about knitting on the lace part.  Maybe it is because it has not been that long ago that I was knitting on my Find Your Fade that had some of the same lace type knitting in it. I really want to make this one a finished object soon.

My go to project when I just want to lose myself in the knitting is my Aise Shawl.  It is perfect knitting for Knit Night or Saturday knitting at Panera.  

I am just dying to cast on with this lovely yarn from my birthday!  It is a wonder I haven't already, but I told myself, I could not cast on it until one of the two above projects was a finished object.

I am not really a very patient person, have you noticed that?  

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