Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week?

My projects that are getting love this week are based on where and when they are going to be knit on.  That way, it gives me an excuse to knit on multiples, she says with a smile.

First up is the Hospice Blanket.  This one just cheers me up when I knit on it.  Obviously, it is the colors in, all the beautiful colors of the ocean.  There was a bit of a two minute window today in between drizzles that the sun came out and I could take a pic of it.  I am finally on the decreases of the blanket.  This one is my go to here at home while watching Food Network today and the Kids version of Chopped.  I'll work on it this week as well when I get home at night.

Fog is next up and by the time I got outside to take a photo of it, the sun was gone.  This is my knitting for at the local yarn shop.  It is two yarns I purchased there and easily portable and doable while visiting.

And lastly, this is my Knit Night knitting project/Saturday Panera knitting.  Mindless stockinette right now after the eyelet row.  Still able to carry it around in my Knitting is my Super Power bag for right now.

Amongst all the drizzle we had today and the cloudy skies, the Tall Guy picked this pretty out of our back yard and brought it into me.  It is a milestone, he has always bought me flowers, but never do I remember him picking them out of our yard for me.  

Even though, the weather reports say cloudy most all this week, there is some sunshine in my backyard!  How about yours?  And if there isn't, just knit some!  

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