Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday WIPS

From my Ravelry project page, I can tell that the yarn for my Hitofude was purchased in January 2014 from Briar Rose Fibers.   The yarn is Sea Pearl and I like this yarn so much I've  got several different colorways and well, Chris is a friend from Knit Camp too.

A close up of the yarn now, shows more purple and steel blue then in the first picture.    The yarn is a fingering weight, with 800 yards to a skein so there is some pretty hefty yardage in one skein.  It is 50% Wool/505 Tencel/Lyocell. (I am fairly certain I heard Lori Goldstein on QVC last night talk about Lyocell fiber in her jeans) It is a shimmery yarn, I bought this colorway because I thought it would lend itself to a little bit dressier sweater for weddings and such.

And this Hitofude from the designer seemed to be just the style I was looking for!

I am in a mood to knit a Spring sweater these days and thought this might fit the bill to bring out a WIP and Evelyn (Irishmom1323 on Ravelry) enticed me to bring mine back out and knit a bit on it.  When I did, I discovered a safety pin in an inch or so holding what looks like a dropped stitch.  Funny thing though, I've got the number of stitches needed between the markers.

 This one is going to require some thought.  I'm not ready to cut bait on it yet, but I am not so sure that it is ready to fish yet.

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