Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Equal Time

I have to say Baby Boy B can be quite a card at times.  This is what awaited me in my chair when we got home late Monday night.  He had spent the weekend in Chicago and came home with a Snoopy for me for my collection.  Snoopy is reading Hunger Games while keeping updated on the computer. 

 In my portfolio of things to do was a note:  Will - Baby Boy A - only debt, Baby Boy (himself) - Everything.  Chuckle!

Mona Lisa is so growing.  She is smiling when you talk to her and cooing, just so many new things are happening.  She found her hand while we were there.

 Sometimes she just looks at us like who are you people?

 After a day or two, We finally got her routine down.  Wake up, eat, change diaper, play a little, get a little cranky, take a short nap, start it all over again.

It was a great weekend.  I have said it before, but I could so retire from work and take up residency really close to this little one.  And on the side, open up a knit shop that Baby Boy A's city could really use. 

Oh well, guess I'll just go to back to work and wait for the first weekend of October to come for our next fix.

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Kristen said...

She is just an adorable little baby with that perfect little smile still!