Saturday, September 01, 2012

Summertime Rap Up

Although, it is technically not Fall, and the temps are still very Summer like, it really is time to think about Fall/Winter knitting.  Especially if you want to be wearing them when the Fall temps are here, and you know they will, and you know then you will be saying, why didn't I start knitting for the season earlier?!

Ok, I do have to admit though, I have one sweater that I am going to keep knitting on, because it is going to be a good transition sweater but when it is done, that is definitely the end of the summer knitting for me.  The rest will have to be packed away.

It's a rainy weekend here in Central IL thanks to Isaac, so besides laundry, I am doing some knitting.  It started this morning with a trip out to Knit 4 Together, my regular Saturday knitting place.  We had a nice little crowd and it was a fun morning.  Sue wore another of her fantastic sweaters (on the down side, why didn't I think about taking her pic for the blog??).  The Lapke ladies brought birthday treats to celebrate Kendra's bday tomorrow (Happy Birthday Kendra, we celebrated for you).  There were some new things at the shop - some new small scissors in several different finishes, a wooden crochet or double point knitting holder, just $5 (I thought it was a salt or pepper shaker until I actually picked up and no, I didn't take any pics - you will just have to go out and see what I am talking about), there were a couple of new yarns and some new circular needle and crochet hook kits that are reasonably priced (but I don't need needles or crochet hooks).  And yes, despite, my declaration, only two nights ago, one of the brand new ones managed to follow me home.

I cannot, absolutely cannot, wind or cast it on until I finish two sweaters this weekend.  My Summer Solstice and my Hanten.  The Summer Solstice has about 26 rows left to the front bands that needs to be finished.

 The Hanten needs the sleeves and sides picked up and three needle bound off.  It also needs the front ties and some buttons sewn down on it.

 I have to get in the mood to finish it though, so I am working on Summer Solstice tonight.  I am hoping with some good t.v. that it will be ready to be blocked tomorrow.

I finally finished reading The Hunger Games last night on the reading front, and will haul out the last of the Harry Potter books to finish this weekend as well.  The Hunger Games was the upstairs reading and the Harry Potter was the downstairs reading.

It's a weekend of cleaning up some things to make way for Fall, and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Hope you all are having a great weekend, I sure am despite the's the kind of weekend I just love - reading, knitting, coffee and chai tea and no where to go.  Ahhhh.

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