Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Got Mail

I love September!  Not only is the weather getting closer to sweater weather, and I mean the kind of sweater weather where you can layer.  But soon it will be non layer sweater weather, where you leave it on all day.

And with September comes my new Wool Gathering from Schoolhouse Press.  I saw this vest at camp this Summer and fell in love with it.  Two reasons, the first is that it has waist shaping and I love waist shaping.  The second because it is knit from Unspun Icelandic which I have some in the really great blue, I also have loads in the silver.  The pattern also has non waist shaping too, so I see a couple of these in my near future.

 And Fall (which officially starts next week), the new catalogs come out.  I particularly like it when I get my Webs catalog.  There are some great yarns and patterns in this one, but for now I have quite a bit on my plate for knitting, but it sure was nice getting this mail!
Wonder what the mailman will bring today??

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