Friday, September 21, 2012

Weddings, Babies and Funerals

Today, my mother's sister's husband was buried.  Just giving the blog the background info.  He was my Uncle Jerry.  He had fought very hard for very long to stay, but I guess it just wasn't bashert.  He was a qwerky uncle with a qwerky sense of humour and gave the best of hugs always!    We will miss him.

There were 10 kids in my mom's family.  So we have a lot of relatives, but unfortunately the only time we ever get to see each other lately is at funerals.  It used to be at weddings and births but now unfortunately, there aren't any of those occasions to get together.

I only have two aunts left now that were my mother's sisters.  I have loads of cousins and second cousins that I reconnected with last night and today.  We are making plans to get together to look at some really old photos that  came from my mother when she was a child to find out who they are before we lose the chance.  My other cousin who is a good 15 years older than me (we once started quilting together years ago), and I are going to get the two aunties and our one other aunt together and do lunch every so often. 

I realized today how much I like my cousins and their husbands and second cousins.  They are great fun to be around and one should not wait for weddings, babies and funerals to get together.  Time goes by so fast and we should enjoy each other more. 

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