Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Sunday Sunday Sunday

And with a week until real Autumn begins on the calendar, it is time to assess what I want to be doing in the next few months.  Regular readers, of course that I am constantly on the lose weight band wagon, so it is no surprise that I really want to get back at that and Sunday is a good day to begin again.

Something that bugs me on an almost daily basis and consumes a lot of my time is that I have IBS.  I do not have it as bad as some, but enough that it is so inconvenient.  And did I say it consumes a lot of my time?!  I have been given thought on which way to go with it, give up sugar and carbs (will that help?)  I have to admit more than once I have thought about it, but for my life that is just not something that I think I can commit to, at least right now.  A few years ago the gastro doc advised that I do Citrucel and use immodium when needed.  Lately, I have given up the Citrucel and used more immodium to control it (if it really is controllable).  So last night, I started back on Citrulcel and this morning it is back on the Weight Watchers train for me.  Okay-enough of this subject.

We are still tossin around a larger house as we do about every few weeks.  The Tall Guy is convinced that we need to keep looking and find one.  I was too, until I put it in perspective.  Monetary perspective - about a $1000 of expenses a month.  Do I really want to do that?  Thats a lot of yarn and guns and knitting trips and buying what we want when we want.  I still am not sure that I want to commit to that.  Of course, the great epiphany last night is that the Tall Guy is going to have to work at least 7 years before he can retire, so that means at least 7 years for me as well.  Too many things to think about.

Then there is the house we currently live in, much work needs to be done on it this Fall, cabinets and a new countertop in the kitchen with some paint and plastering to the walls and ceiling.  Insulation, new windows and walls to the porch would give us a little room to put a few people to eat when we have family gatherings.  The yarn room (except for the yarn) and a small room in the basement need to be switched around to make room for a small area for Mona Lisa to sleep in when they visit.

Back to knitting.  I have made my Fall list and I am so freakin surprised at how many items are on it!  Right now, there are 17 items and nothing on the list but three items are for Mona Lisa.  And none of the three are real wowsers - a stocking, a pumpkin hat and a little sweater for later this Fall.  I've got to get knitting and spending less time on the internet, that may be a turnover of a new leaf for me.

Quite a bit for a Sunday afternoon isn't it?  But, if I look at it this way, if I am doing all of the above...who has time to eat?!


Kristen said...

You have a lot of big decisions to make. It sure is a lot easier to decide what you are going to knit next, isn't it? Good luck with making your choices, it's not easy to know what you really want!

Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

My doctor advised a pro-biotic. I take Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support. I get a month's supply for $7 at Target. It has helped my IBS a lot. I recommend you try it.

Penny said...

Thank you Michelle. I toyed with not doing this post, but did because I hoped that readers would give me some insight on what they do to keep it at bay.