Sunday, September 02, 2012

Let the Knitting Begin

Knitter's used to be my fave knitting magazine back in the day.  I went after back issues on Ebay and coveted each and every one.  Then there was a changing of the magazine, and I kept my subscription up, renewing it at Stitches Midwest basically because of the bag that was the incentive to renew.

The magazines went to the stack in the basement and barely was there anything in the magazine that I wanted to knit.  Enter this issue which immediately caught my eye.  Jackets!  And I am a jacket kind of gal for work in the Fall/Winter so I bought it for the tease alone.

Love this cover jacket and I could totally see me  knitting and wearing it.  Requires some further investigation, but at first glance I see it is based off of Custom Knit Jackets, a book that I bought a year ago, well you guessed it, for the name alone.

 This one is on the list too, but really just as a wish item.  It's linen stitch with Prism yarns.  And as I recall Prism is a little pricey and linen stitch, well you know how long that would take me.  Part of the article on this jacket is a hidden zipper technique which might be interesting to take another look at.  Love the jacket, but not happening this year, just way too much other knitting to concentrate on this Fall.
And this little number, just love the whole look.  And if I was a tad thinner, I might even have given the skirt a try.

There are some other interesting jackets in this issue, I'm glad I bought it, but I'll give Knitter's a couple of more issues before I go nuts and order a whole subscription.  Besides, gotta help my local economy, don't I?!

Knitting for me these days --- it is offical Fall Winter Knitting Season...let it begin!

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