Friday, September 14, 2012

New Stuff

I went a little wild ordering some things before I went to Iowa.  So when they started arriving, it was just like Christmas.  But a Christmas where you get to pick out exactly what you want.

I've been wanting Enchanted Knits for several years, but really have not had anyone to knit anything out of it for.  Now that we have Mona Lisa, it gave me the perfect chance to buy it.  I'm glad I did, because it was a little hard to find, not everyone carries it.  There is one little sweater in it that I would like to knit for her right now, so she will have it for the October wedding we are all going to.  Grandma better get to knitting!

I love Susan B Anderson's Itty Bitty Animal book (more things to knit for Mona Lisa), but a friend had this book.  I didn't bite on it originally because how many hats does a baby need and it seems like god and everybody was giving the mother a knitted or crocheted hat.  But, finally after seeing the little pumpkin hat in this book I gave in and added it to my library.

 Ahh, Vintage Knits.  Why wasn't I just one step ahead of this book.  This is the kind of thing that would of been a great thought for designs.  I think it would be so cool to design sweaters, but me and myself know that I don't have very original thoughts, I'm just a great stealer of others.  But anyway, I love these little sweaters and soakers in this book, so I just had to have it.

And finally, what a combo, top down sweaters AND Ann Budd.  I have one other of her books, and you just can't beat the multiple sizes and designs in this book.  Well worth waiting for.

Now, I just need some time to knit everything I want! 

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