Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Website

It's Wednesday and there is a website you just have to hop on over to!!!  Meg at Schoolhouse Press has generously posted the pattern to the sweater on Rachel below right.  The original was in garter stitch and Linda is modeling it on the left.  The original is from the Knit One Knit All.  It was on my radar right from the get go, but when Meg showed the stockinette one at camp last summer with some shaping, I was like all over it!

Icelandic Overblouse is so on my list like now, but first there are a couple of things I need to finish up first.  The nice part - I have plenty of unspun icelandic that I can use for this.

If you do not receive Meg's email newsletter, you can sign up over at Schoolhouse Press.  There is always something new brewin over there and it is so much fun to get the email several times a year.  They have some great new things coming down the pike and I for one am waiting with baited breath or is bated breath?!

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