Friday, September 07, 2012

Off To Iowa

The Tall Guy and I are off to Iowa today for a long weekend to babysit Mona Lisa.  She is a whole two months old today!  And it has been a month since we've seen her in person.  We hear she is sleeping through the night and now is a whopping 10 lbs.  Be prepared next week to see pictures of our little treasure.

In the meantime, I'm packing my knitting.  You know the story, what I still have a couple of possibilites to toss in my bag, just in case.  Like I am going to get any knitting done while staring at Mona Lisa.

Last week at the shop I picked up these two yarns.  What started it was the novelty yarn.  I wanted to do something with it, but not a whole sweater and not a headband or scarf either.  I'm kickin a couple of possibilities around with it so I am going to tuck in just the Alpaca this weekend to swatch should I be able to talk the Tall Guy into driving over.

The weather here in Central IL is kicking up a storm this morning.  But after it rolls through, some cooler temps are coming.  I think Fall is on it's way so it is definitely time to kick up some Fall sweater knitting!  I love Fall!

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