Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm Cold

I don't care what the Tall Guy says (he's in shorts), I'm cold (I have my electric throw on). 

This happens every year, I wait for the cooler weather (read as not 90 and 100 degrees), it comes AND then I decide I really want a nice shawl to wrap my body in.  Rather than be proactive, I wait til the chill is in the air and then decide I need one.  Sox are helping a bit for the feet.

I almost cast on one last night, but I've been really trying lately to be focused on my knitting, knitting on a just a couple of things at a time.  But, this morning, I don't think I will wait.

Oh I have plenty of shawls that I could knit with plenty of yarn...

My Stonington hasn't progressed any further than this.

Bridget Rorem's If I Could Fly

Carol's Favorite Shawl, the Pi Shawl, well I could just go on forever.  One that I have had on the needles before is the The Scallop Shawl from It is always an Adventure in Knitting.  Knit 4 Together has this shawl and when I get a bit chilled out there, I help myself to it.  I think it is quite doable and I have this great Frog Tree Alpaca that is just right and might I say bought for it several years ago.  It could be a semi-quick, pleasing shawl to knit this week.

Next time though, I think I'll start in the Summer for my Fall knitting, what a novel idea!

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