Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything Just Looks Better

I've been wanting a real dressform forever!  It's hard to get someone here to take pictures of me wearing the sweaters.  Sure, they will when I ask, but they never seem to quite come out how I want to.  I've tried to take self pictures with my remote, but it's hard to do that and not see the remote in the hand or get the camera just right.

Several other bloggers that I read photograph their knits on one and I really like the way they turn out.  Can you see me reasoning why I needed one of these?

I bought a size 14.  I am kind of sort of a 14 on top but not on bottom, so I have set my current goals to be the same sizes as my dress form.  (Chuckle)

This is my finished Summer Solstice, unblocked and on the dressform.  Doesn't it look so much better on a body like??  I love my new purchase and can see it being part of the decor just to look at my creations and it is functional too!

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