Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And My Camera Remained Silent

Normally, after Camp, I would have about a weeks worth of pictures to show and tell about.  But, this time, the big camera remained in my room and next year, it will probably stay home.  The thing is, Al, one of our campers takes pictures the whole weekend and then graciously sends all a DVD of them in a few months.  He gets some great pictures and I just figured this year I would do it a little differently.  I'll wait til I get the DVD and then spend a little time reminiscing about the weekend.

 I think a lot of people were of that mind this year, because as Amy put it, it seemed like Show and Tell went much faster this year because people weren't having to stop at all the picture stations.  I am not sure if that was it, but we did Show and Tell in record times this camp.

It was a great weekend, and as always, I came home with tons of ideas that I want to do.  I always look at my skill set a little differently when I come home from camp.  I add to the list of things I want to knit on, and really in my mind want to push my self to some kick ass Show and Tell next year.

Every year, Camp deepens our friendships with those we are getting to know and brings some new friends to the mix as well.  I am looking forward to camp already for next year, but for today, I gotta ge my mind mix back to going back to work.

Check out these websites for pictures and camp stuff.

It has been a great two weeks off and thank god, there are only two days I have to work this week before a weekend.  After that, it is a bit of stretch til Labor Day.  But, I have my knitting to keep me busy all of it!

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