Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Knitting Camp Does To You

You come home and you want to knit everything.  You want to finish projects you have started, you want to get some semblance of order in your knitting.  You want to become a better knitter.  So you start with a pretty nice looking bunch of bags that look good on your bag tree.

You strip it down.  You lay the bags all over the place.  You go hunting for WIPS to put in bags.

And you get something that is not as pretty as the bag tree once was.  But, you get crap together in one place.  And you say to yourself that you are going to work on these projects first.

But, then you remember this really cool scarf pattern you saw at Camp and you have the perfect yarn sitting there in the summer shawl basket and you just have to cast on.  But, just enough to see what it is going to look like.

And then you think of a sweater in the EZ/Meg way that is in progress and you think you might need a little something with very little thought that needs to be put into the knitting and so you haul it out of a bag.  Oy, do you see how fractured knitting becomes after knit camp?

And now you know why I have so many WIPs.  But, I don't feel bad about it.  Sally Rainey was telling us how many she had when she stopped counting.  I am not alone.  And I love camp.  But, now it is time to go back to Summer knitting.  At least for the next month.


Terry Sailingknitter said...

A bag tree? What a wonderful idea!!! A true knitter never has too many WIPs - we simply have a lot of variety from which to choose to play with at any given moment.

Terry Sailingknitter said...

A bag tree? What a marvelous idea. A knitter never has too many WIPs, we just have a lot of variety at any given hour from which to choose from to knit.