Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Don't Know What It Is Going To Be

But it is going to be some cool shawl.  I met Denise at Knit Camp.  She is from Oklahoma and it was her first time at camp.  Come to find out she has her own business of dyeing yarn.  She had the most gorgeous shawl knit out her yarn.  The colorway was Honey Dew. Yardage is 1000 yards.

When I went to her website Lost City Knits, I could not make my mind up.  And because I couldn't make my mind up, I went with my gut and fave colorway - Cerillos.  We all sure hope she comes next year and is a vendor at the Saturday market next year!

I finally got my glasses back.  Don't think I showed you all what I see from my side.  Now, don't you think they are super cool!  I love em.

And they go with almost all of my yarns, but then you knew that didn't you?!

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