Saturday, July 20, 2013


July is many things.  It is the second half of the year.  Here in Central IL, it is the Heart of IL Fair which typically brings the hottest weather, 2nd to the start of the school year.  It is little less than a year from next year's knit camp.  It is the start of for me a new year of knitting.  After camp, I get this charge to knit shawls.  Right now, I want to knit with my stash and get it down. Specifically, my Unspun Icelandic Collection.

 And this morning I got the urge to try my hand at Elizabeth's Knitting Almanac again.  My original copy is getting a little worn.

But, as luck would have it, I have a new updated hardback copy that I got last year at camp.  And it has color pictures.

For July, did I say it is the hottest month in Central IL, is the Pi Shawl.  Seriously, what were you thinking Elizabeth?  She is quite right, it does make great travel knitting, but I am not doing any travel anytime soon, but but, with hot weather brings cold AC and I seem to be cold all the time, well almost all of the time, so maybe a big ole Pi Shawl is not a bad thing.

Best of all, I have two already on the needles from several years back, so I don't have to mess with the casting on bit, just have to knit the endless rounds.

This creamy one I must have started one of the very first years Linda, Char and I went to 2.75 camp.  I remember knitting on it during the trip up and probably during camp.  It is a nice simple mindless Pi Shawl.  I have not yet decided if the last of it will be different colors or all cream.

This lovely was one of the Ravelympics projects from 2008.  I remember buying the yarn the first year at camp when Schoolhouse Press debuted these new colors.

 I have a bit of all of the colors in the other Pi Shawl  that I am dyeing to use for maybe the Overblouse, but I have to wait to cast that on to make sure that I have enough for the end of this one.

Back in my mind, I remember Amy Detjen saying that it takes forever to get around those last few rounds, so it may take me longer than the Olympics to finish it.  I don't believe I bothered to try it after that revelation.

A quick tour of Ravelry this morning after searching on Schoolhouse Press' Unspun Icelandic has given me quite a list of things that I can knit with my Unspun Icelandic, there are some great possibilities there for working on getting my Unspun Icelandics down.
Pi Shawl
Icelandic Overblouse
Brioche Vest
Cheryl Oberle's Feather and Fan Triangle Shawl
MVK Icelandic Shawl
Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater

 And best of all, there should be one or two that will be just great for next year's camp for either Show and Tell or fighting the icelandic temperatures in the hotel.

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