Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knitting Camp Contest

A couple of months ago, I teased you with some orange tissue wrap.  This is what was in my tissue.  A super soft merino that was dyed especially for me.  The yarn was so dang soft and I loved knitting with.  And whatever she used to make it smell good had me squishing it and smelling it whenever
I could.

Camp Contest this year was Night Skies.  We had a lot of entries that showed the constellations and other wonderful night time ideas.  I knew last year that I wanted to do something with a sunset, because coming home at night at just the right time I see some pretty spectacular  sunsets.  I found my yarn through Magic and Moonshine etsy shop.  She dyed this for me by special request.

The shawl is the Bermuda Shawl.  There were a lot of short rows, but I sure had some fun watching this shawl grow.

Out of 26 entries, I placed 13th.  I pretty pleased about that as there were some great entries all the way around.  And the prizes for 13th included a couple of yarns and this cute perfect could that be?!

Next years contest theme is Secret Garden.  But, I think I will give it some time before I start thinking about the next one.

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