Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Guess I Had A Couple of Pics

Pure and simple I have stolen this pic from Linda L at Knit Camp.  She and a group of her cohorts spearheaded this project.  An afghan to celebrate the 40th year of Knit Camp.  She sent all that wanted to knit a square for the afghan, a cake of Unspun Icelandic.  We then knit two blocks, one block to go into the afghan and the other to be put into two smaller afghans and several pillow tops to be put into the raffle.  I tried my best to win one of the afghans, but that didn't turn out so good.

As part of the project, we all put together a page for a nice binder for Meg.  Linda then sewed most of the squares together.  She pinned our names to the back of each square so that Meg would know just by looking as to which one each knitter/camper did.  Linda also photographed each of the blocks and put them into the book by our page.  

What a work of love was this project and I am still amazed at the work that went into it.  Kudos to Linda and her team.

One of the projects that I was working on for most of the weeks leading up to Camp was my Folk School Shawl.  It wasn't until I was showing Linda it in our room that I realized how big it was.  I even gave thought to ripping it back right then and there and pleading that I had left it at home.  Part of Show and Tell is sometimes to get help with a project and I am glad I did.

Meg helped me style it and now I am loving this shawl!  By the way, that is Linda L to the left in the above picture.  And she is wearing Cusco which I am loving.  Something that I had not realized about it before is that done in a large gauge, I really like it even more.  You know what that means, cast on!!!

It is no secret that I am a fan of Cheryl Oberle.  But, I do believe this is the first pic we have had together.  I love her yarns and especially Just Beautiful Alpaca.  And where in the past and still now there are several jackets from the jacket book that still need to be knit up, I am liking her shawls from Folk Shawls and most definitely have the Stora in Unspun on my list for the future.

And here are dear knitting camping buds, Elizabeth and Sandi.  I was so glad to see Elizabeth this year as she had some things to deal with last year and could not make it.  They are sharing Sandi's shawl to get warm.  You know it had to be cold on this day, because Sandi is never cold!!

And finally for now, here is a quick pic of Susan Rainey with one of her show and tell pieces.  Susan and her sister Sally were our camp buddies, we sit back in the back together and spend after hours together eating and knitting.  Usually, it is Kim and Susan, but Kim could not  make it as she was waiting for her first grand baby to make an appearance.  I can identify with that one.

Sally and Susan's show and tell was amazing as is all of their knitting.  We have a hoot of a time with them and enjoyed being with them again this year.

Well, that is it for now I think from Knit Camp a week later.  Once the DVD comes, I will take you down memory road again.  Until then, Knit On!

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Nancy said...

I'm so glad you have a pic of you and Cheryl together and even happier that you shared it!!