Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Camp Thing Is Tough

Thats why I started taking a few days off before camp.  If I worked up until camp departure, I would never get any work done.  But, on the other hand if I was more of a one project knitter, I wouldn't be in such a turmoil to decide what to take.

So I grabbed some coffee  - that way three cups ago.

And my blankie - it is hot and humid outside, but inside with the air on and me still in my jammies, it is a little chilly.

I sat down or rather hovered over what I think I might want to knit on while away for at least 3 1/2 solid days of knitting.  It is tough for me, because I do not want to get up there and not have just the right project to knit on.

What is not going is my K4 Together project.  I'll save this for when I come home and want to knit on something at the shop on the weekend.


 What is going for sure is my TDF project out of Briar Rose Fibers Wistful yarn.  I got it last year from Chris at camp and I need to knit on it a bit everyday at Camp as part of the Briar Rose Fibers group over on Ravelry.  The pattern is a variation of Cheryl Oberle's Cusco.

Tangerine Rose from the Knit Swirl book is making the trip.  This is some good knitting for during the day.  It is from Cheryl's Dancing Colors yarn.  I sure would like to have this to wear this Fall/Winter, even if it is a lot of knitting.  I tried Linda P's on last year at camp out of a different yarn.  These Knit Swirl jackets seem to look good on everyone.

Another one that is making the trip and one that I hope to knit quite a bit on is my Scallop Shawl from It is always an adventure in knitting.  This same shawl is knit up at Knit 4 and everytime I get cold out there I flip it on.  I have had the yarn forever and have cast on this same shawl a couple of times, but now I really want a shawl of my own.  This is going to be the go to knitting this weekend.  After last weekend, it become real apparent to me that I needed a throw on shawl that could go anywhere.  I am taking all of the yarn for this one because I really hope to make some great strides in getting this one done.

This one has made it into the cut, but now I think I am going to take it out.  I think I have enough projects that I do not need to start another.  It was going to be a Purl Ridge Cowl by Stephen West for one of the gals I work with for her birthday in August, but I have decided that it and another very similar yarn are going to be Purl Ridges for Christmas Gifts for the two ladies who I supervise instead.  So there is plenty of time for them.

And a last throw in is my Concentrics Circle Shetland Shawl.  The patter is by EZ and the yarn was purchased last year at Camp for a totally different project.  It has to go because after all it is Meg Swansen's camp and when there you have to sort of immerse yourself in the moment.  This one is a fairly simple knit, but you do have to take care to get the circles in line.  Not all of the yarn for this is going with, I just don't think it is going to be needed.

And finally, the black Just Beautiful Alpaca is on the fence.  It has been in and out of the yarn room more times than I can count.  It would be a great little project for in the classroom too, especially given the great light that will be there.  This one is slated to be Jared Flood's Tweedy Baby Blanket.  It is based on EZ's shetland shawl and I loved knitting it last year in Debbie Bliss yarn for Miss Mona Lisa. I have enough yardage to knit a substantial shawl which I want to double is a nice blankie for our trip to and from Iowa.  At this typing it is in.

So, you can see why I need so much time off to work through this whole process.  The nice thing - I am not alone.  And the double nice thing - I'm driving!

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