Sunday, September 01, 2013

Goodbye Summer!

I have finished what I was calling my last Summer sweater for the season.  The Sierra Quatro Casual T-Shirt by Vera Sanon.   It was a great knit and I love the waist shaping.  This one really fits me well.  Isn't it amazing what knitting to gauge and waist shaping can do for a sweater.

I told myself that before September 1st rolled around I would be done with it and I am!  Yea!  It just needs some blocking which I will do later this weekend.

It is dang hot here in Central IL and we really need a cool down and some rain.  The lawns are brown and it has been really too hot to even sit out at night.  Perhaps, the weather man says, we will have a cool down into the 80's come Monday.  This end of August weather has been more like mid July.  Not that I am rushing the seasons, but frankly, I'm ready for a little Fall like weather.

Which brings me to what will I knit on next.  I have been taking a lot of ribbing from my fellow knitters on all of my WIPs and so I am feeling a little compelled to pull something off of my knitting bag tree and knit on it.   And not cast on something brand new.

I made a list a couple of days ago of the projects in the order of how soon I would want to wear them.  One column has the ones from yarns that were not purchased at Knit 4 Together and the other column are those that I did buy from them.  I could pick one from each column so I add a little variety to my knitting.    But, as I realized again with the t-shirt I just finished, if you work on one thing all the time, it can be done in 13 days!

Which makes me wonder, do I have time for one more Summer knit even though it is September 1st and time for Fall knitting?!

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