Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Next Hot Thing

Actually, the yarn shop down on the River, Fiber Universe has been doing this afghan since earlier this year.  A couple of the ladies I knit with happened upon it earlier this Summer down there and started knitting a couple of them.

I went down a couple of months ago and felt the one on display out of SimplyWorsted.  I impulsed ordered a sort of different color thinking I could use it for a baby afghan.  When you impulse buy, sometimes over or under buying occurs.  Thats what happened for this one.  If I was going to do it for a baby to born in the future, I only would have needed one bag, but I ordered two.

Then when Knit 4 Together finally got on board, and everyone started ordering colors, I ordered two bags for one for me!

The last few days I have been scoping out Ravelry to find a pattern that I may be able to use for my lime green SimpliWorsted that I bought.  I think I may have found it and this could be great for a boy baby in the future.

No, at this time there are no boys in our family or babies anytime soon, but one never knows.  And I think it is good thing to have a baby hope chest going don' t you?!

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Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

I really like the SimpliWorsted yarn. very nice.

I love baby knitting, but now that I have one it is hard to knit knit him all the things.