Monday, September 16, 2013

This Doesn't Really Count

 Yes, it looks like a new project that has been cast on, but it really is more of a class sample/teaching sample/using up leftover yarn that is doing double duty as a project.

I am teaching three ladies (two that I used to work with and one of their friends) to knit.  We started last week, and this week, the plan was to move them towards increases and decreases.

While I was over in Iowa, Baby Boy A was telling me how they took their own sheets to day care every week and a blanket for Miss Mona Lisa to nap under.  He did not want to take the one I knitted for her at her birth because he was afraid of what may happen to it.

Enter my stash/leftover yarn.  I figured I have some stash that would be great for a day care blanket.  And if something happens to it, so be it, I have more stash.  I have been eyeballing this pattern to use some stash Cascade Pacific up and this became the perfect pattern for this blanket.

And best of all, I can use it as a demo piece for increases and decreases. too.  Only problem is, I don't have a whole lot of the light pink left so I may have to sub with this darker pink or cream.

So, I really didn't cast on something new, well, yes, I guess I did.  But really, it doesn't count, does it?

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