Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kicking Back on a Weekend

It would seem that there is a bit of a bug around here.  Both the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B are at the ends of it with the coughing and stuff.  I think I might be trying to get something and rather than head out to the shop and infect everyone today seemed like it would be a good day just to kick back, do some knitting interspersed with laundry and ventures into the yarn room.

I had to rip back my Arachne's Bower shawl to it's roots because in my excitement to cast on, I failed to read the all important directions and knit that first row after casting on.  I had just merrily jumped into the chart.  So, this morning, while I am fully awake, I ripped it back and cast back on.

Miss Mona Lisa's daycare blanket is on the decreases part.  I will save the knitting on it for later this afternoon when the Cardinals are on.  It is a great baseball knitting project.  I am hoping to finish it this weekend, but may need some more purple yarn which would have to wait for a run out to the shop on Tuesday.  I want to have this in the mail to her by Thursday of next week.

One of the other projects slated for completion this weekend is my Sequim shawl out of Berroco Karma.  This is another great baseball knitting project and should be great to work on tomorrow for the final game of the regular season.

Yep, I've got my weekend planned out for knitting.  The Tall Guy and Baby B are going to work a bit on the remodel of the front porch.  And, finally, we have made a decision on the kitchen remodel.  Calling the contractor on Monday to confirm.  Finally!

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