Friday, September 06, 2013

Sucker For Bags

What can I say, right up there with yarn, and books and patterns are my bag collection.  Whenever, I see a new one on etsy or a blog, I have to check it out.  Look at my new acquisitions.  But, wait, two of them are going to go for door prizes for a fiber event I am going to attend next month.  So, this is not as bad as it seems, really!

This little cutie has some cool colors to it.  It might hold a little shawl.  The cool part is the way the short little handle loops over the longer one to keep it closed when you are knitting.  The print is called Chocolate Chip.

Also from Sew Bendy, here is a smaller version.  Look at the cool insides!

It wasn't as big as I thought, and maybe just big enough for a sock.  It would be perfect for standing around in a line where you might want to be knitting while you are waiting.  It has another of those little straps that come over the longer strap to hold together.

From Thirty One, I loved my big bag that I bought a year ago with a lid.  It is great for storing yarns downstairs, and this one will hold my stash from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers.

One of the young gals at work was having a party and the first one that caught my eye was this new pattern with flip flops.  I have a flip flop collection that I put out every Summer, so I had to have it.  It is just the right size for carrying a small project when you need it.  I use it when I go out at night to sit and drink my tea.  Thirty One Bags are not fabric so they are easy to clean up should you get something on them.

I think my bag collection is complete for now, well at least until the new best bag comes out!

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