Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Techno Tuesday

When knitting by myself, I like to have some background noise.  Usually, it is the t.v., but this weekend, it seemed that the pickings were a little slim on t.v., and lets be honest I could only listen to the Cardinals lose badly so many times, so I muted the game and listened to some knitting podcasts on my iPad, via my Braven speakers.

I love these things!  I bought it off of QVC last year and have probably only used it about three times.  I will be using it more.  For music, for audio books, for knitting podcasts.  Love it!

I looked at the long term forecast on Saturday after I finished my Caribe Blue T-Shirt.  It is going slowly climb back to the 90's here in Central IL by the weekend!  That is when I made my decision that, yes, I could knit one more summer sweater before fulling going to Fall knitting.

That and the fact that this Knitting Pure and Simple Summer Cardigan has my size 9 Chiagoo needles on it and I did not want them out of commission until next year.  Yes, I could put the stitches on a string to hold them, but if the needles are in it when I am ready to knit it again, I am more likely to knit it straight away.

It is a pretty quick knit and I am hoping to have the hem treatment on it by the end of tonight.  Then I will do the collar and neckbands as I may be cutting this close on yarn.  Sleeve length will be dependent on how much I have left when I get the bands done.

I, also, pulled out my Cusco again and will take it to knit when I need some nice no nonsense knitting.  Over on the Knitaway Board, on Ravelry, we are going to be starting our Fall KAL on the first official day of Autumn on the 22nd.  We figured in the meantime, it might be a good time to finish something already on the needles. 

My Cusco from Briar Rose Fibers is from Wistful.  I love Wistful, because of it's Alpaca content and Chris does a great job of dyeing it.  This was considerably further early this Summer, when I abandoned it for another pattern, which I have since decided it would be better in something else. Back on the needles it is!  It is going to be so uber soft to wear!

My short term goal for now is to not start anything new until the 22nd to see what I can accomplish in the world of my WIPs.  Stay tuned to see how that goes!

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