Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ima Bit Peeved

This morning, before I headed off to work, I decided I would block my baby afghan and peapod for my hairdresser (I wanted to take it tomorrow night).

 I put the afghan on the dining room table and decided to grab one of my fluffy white towels and spread the peapod out on it on the yarn room floor.  When I got home tonight, it was a bit dark in the room and I felt it, and it was quite wet still.  So, I decided to move it to the dining room table where the fan is directly over it.

When I pulled up my nice white fluffy guest bath towel, this is what I found!

Seriously, I have never had this happen.  And there was absolutely no dye in the water when I washed and rinsed it.

I'm glad I didn't buy anymore of this for peapods.

I've got the towel down soaking in a bleach bath, I sure hope it comes out.  I need to warn my friend who is knitting a couple of these to beware of putting it on white towels to block.

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