Sunday, September 08, 2013

If It Was Friday

I would call it Fractured Friday!  I stayed up really late or early this morning, catching up on past episodes of the Glades and knitting!  Which means I got to sleep in really late ( a full 7 hours of sleep), which puts me into mid morning.  I am working towards being ready to go to a birthday celebration later today.

There is some remodeling starting here at Chez PJKnits, starting with the front porch.  New windows are being installed by the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B.  It is going to be so cool.  Actual windows that slide up and down and can be cleaned.  The Tall Guy will be working on the rest of the porch this week and probably beyond, but it is a start and I am so dang happy!

We have a contractor that is coming on Tuesday morning.  After months of me searching and some open houses and some looking at houses, we realized that there really is not anything out there that is floating our boat, and won't cause us to have to sell it when we do retire,  so we have decided to see what can be done by expanding our kitchen and putting a small room on the back, watch the blog for details on that as it continues forward.

I am flitting from project to project today.  I am teaching a small group of beginner knitters tomorrow at a friend's house, so I am getting my stuff ready that.

Winding some balls for practicing knitting.

Making a sample to show seaming.

Making a sample to demo knitting.

Last night I finished the sample of the fingerless mitt.

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to like it, but I have to say after trying it on today, I really do like it! Now, back to my own knitting!

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