Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3 Day Tour

Going to take a quick trip to see Mona Lisa and her parents.  Sadly, there is absolutely no knitting for her this year.  Maybe in the new year.  This year I decided to partake of the Knitmore Girls Grinch Along and not knit for gifts.  I've been knitting for the Hospice Home in Peoria and for a couple of requests for people at work.  It has actually felt quite good, even though it has been a bit of cold turkey around here with no last minute knitting going on.

Since I've sadly been ignoring sox on Sunday for a couple of weeks, I only thought it was fair that they make the trip to Iowa.

Socks are always a good travel project and should I finish them by chance, sock yarn can always be found somewhere to start a new pair.

A couple of skeins of Liberty Wool are coming along for a cowl for me.  It would seem my scarf/cowl collection is in need of a bit of updating to go with both my black and red coats.

And that is all that is making the trip….most unusual for me.  Blog at you when we get back.

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