Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Problem

with buying a yarn purely on impulse is then you get home and cannot figure out what it really wants to be so you stay up really late trying to  figure it all out as to what you want to do with it.

You know you want to do something and you want to cast on immediately so you think it wants to be a little hat, so you cast on.

The problem is when you see how soft it feels, you think it must be a baby afghan, even though the next baby that you would knit for is going to be a boy (my great great nephew).  Then right before you go to bed, you realize that you don't have enough yardage and you wonder why your lys only gets four of a color way in from Madelinetosh?

So, you go to bed in the wee hours of the morning thinking while you sleep you may come with an alternative plan for four skeins of this unusual color way of yarn.  When you wake up, you still have afghan on your mind (Mona Lisa could use one for when she comes to Grandma's house and wouldn't that be cute), but you still don't have enough after sleeping on it.  You say to yourself, hey go to Jimmy Beans Wool online and see if they have some ( I love that shop because they generally have what I am looking for) and sure enough they do.

But, before ordering, I head over to Ravelry and advance search to projects for everyone, even those I don't know, I put into the search Holi Festival and come up with even more ideas. 4 pages and several that I like that I create a little tag for them all.

 Lots of hats which makes me start to think…I have time, I could make a hat for Mona Lisa, for Bella, for me, a scarf (do I have any hot pink that I could do the chevron one for a scarf for me?) STOP!!!  I am not making a hat for anyone, and I have two or three scarves already noodlin around.

I take a break and make a second batch of peanut butter fudge.  It is my Mom's recipe and one that no amount of asking will get me to reveal to friends, family or acquaintances.  It is the one thing I do well (aside from knitting) and I am keeping this recipe close.  Every body who tastes it, loves it and it makes me feel good.  I once asked my Mom for the recipe and she refused to give it to me, merely, telling me that it was very unlikely that I would ever make it, so she wouldn't give the recipe to me.  Several years after she passed, I stumbled up on it by accident and made it last year for the first time.  I don't mean to brag, but it is the one thing that I make that people ask me to make again and they rave about it.  So, don't ask for the recipe, I am ignoring you when you ask.

And now, I have taken my shower, finally got dressed and came to a really big decision, put it away for now, think on it, Jimmy Bean has 17 skeins that will still be there next week.

I pull out one of the multiple projects that I have to knit on already and I'm good, time to knit!

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Kristen Rettig said...

Can I have the recipe? Just kidding!