Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Websites

As next Wednesday is Christmas Eve, I am giving you the rest of the months/years Wednesday Websites all in one post!

I just love finding new websites that have really cool knitting related holiday stuff you can knit.or somewhat reflects knitting.  Unfortunately, I generally find them too late or just a couple of weeks before Christmas.  So, maybe if you really like some of these ideas, you can bookmark them and look at them again say July and get a head start.  I am thinkin that is what I'll do.


Tiny Tree Garland - Knitionary

Yarn Harlot's Advent Calendar and Gifts for Knitters Posts

Crocheted Ornaments

25 Days of Enabling - The Knitmore Girls

Smitten - Knit Picks Website

Cute Party Food - The Rainey Sisters

Silverware Stockings

Stockings for Gals at Work

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Kristen Rettig said...

Thank you for including me! I was in good company! I loved the strawberry hats and the stocking cutlery holders! Have a Merry Christmas with your family!