Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Second Week of Holiday Vacation

 Today, the sun is actually shining in Central IL, the birds and squirrels are allover the place today.

They seem to love the full sun today as much as I do.  We seemed to have an abundance of animals around us at the new house or as my sisinlaw said yesterday, we have a backyard full of nature, as it was quite evident to have this Christmas visitor on our garage roof.  They just love the big water bath that nature provides for them.

This morning, the Tall Guy helped me get all of the Christmas trees and decor put away in their various new spaces.  I did a once more cleaning and vacuuming of the house.  I pulled out my Snowman Decor  and found a box that I did not know I had, and am still missing a box that I know I should have.

 I love the holidays, but I really love when they are all over (Christmas Celebrations that is), and I can do a final cleaning of the house and then sit back and enjoy the rest of my time off from work.  I am not going to kid you, most of it will be spent knitting, I've all of a sudden after Christmas have a couple of time sensitive knitting projects that I need to complete.

The first is a baby blanket for my new soon to be born great great nephew Remington.  I just learned this last week that the shower is on the 11th of January so it is going to be my first priority.  I am knitting another of the Heavenly Heathers Afghans out of this book.

This afghan is my go to afghan for little boys, it would seem, since this is my third one.  Not only is it pretty quick, but it is a good fail safe one, when I am not sure of what the decor for the baby boy will be.

This one is a bit different then the others as I am using cream Cascade Pacific as the base.  Of course, I already love the start of it because it has my fave color in it!

I am using leftovers from the other afghans and with cream this one is giving a totally different look to it.

My second is the Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl.  The bind off party is January 3rd, and I need to increase a bit more stitches on mine ( I think) since I am using a much lighter weight yarn than the pattern calls for.  I am so happy that I recast on with a larger needle for this, I wish you could feel the lightness of the fabric that it is giving.

My brain is already in knitting mode for the new year after I get these two under my belt.  I can hardly wait to finish them and start a new round of Knit and Fit 2015!

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