Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Sunday Sox Again!

Whats up with that you might be thinking!  It would seem that Sundays are not for sox last week, because I am just too darn busy finishing the decorating around here.

We finally found a skinny tree yesterday at Menards (thanks to the Tall Guy who found it).  He assembled it this morning and I put the ornaments on.  Finally, after many years of not being able to use my ornaments on a tree, we have our first tree, with the ornaments that we collected over the years.

This one I made for my mom when I was in grade school, so it is at least 50 years old.  It is in pretty sad shape but I am keeping it on my tree.

This odd bit was from a Christmas present my Dad gave my Mom.  She kept all those years and it was always on our tree when I was a kid.  Again, this one has to be at least 50 years old.  It is all about sentiment here.

The Yarn Room tree is back in its rightful place upstairs in the yarn room where it is supposed to be.

The Snoopy tree, well, thank goodness, it has a final resting space downstairs where we will all gather for our celebration on the 27th.  Except for before then I need to find the one light in the string that makes the rest go out on the bottom set - I do have one more set that I could replace it with if I have to.

The basement theme is Snoopy because that is where I have my hutch where I can display my Christmas Snoopy collection.  When we bought the new house, I lost my dining room, so we'll be dining/celebrating in the partially finished basement when the 20 of us get together.

And we'll finally get to use my Snoopy dishes again too, although, I sure wish I could have found about another 10 or 12 place settings.  If only I would have thought about the fact that we could be more than 20 people back in the day.  Ah well, hoping the white dishes I have won't clash too bad with them.

So, you can see now, why I've not had much time on Sundays to even think about knitting, too much decorating to be done.  But, I think I may be almost there!

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