Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Friday the 19th!

And I have 15 wonderful days before I have to go back to work.  I know it is just going to fly by and I'll be whining that I gotta go back to work, but it feels so good to know that there is no work for 15 days.

I am making myself a couple of vows on the start of the Christmas vacation.

1.  If it is at least not raining or snowing, I am going to throw my tennies on every day and take a quick walk around the block every morning.

2.  I am getting on the scale tomorrow and from there on out, I am going to cut down on the sugar and start eating a bit better.  We've been celebrating at work all month long, and there is no time like the present to start toning it back a bit.  Plus, we will be heading to the see Baby Boy A and Mona Lisa in a few days and they really are quite healthy in their eating habits, so it won't be difficult to start watching what goes into this old body.

3.  While off, I am going to do a lot of knitting.  I just have to decide what knitting it will be.  Shall I knit from those multiple projects on the needles or start something new?  There are so many options that I feel another  list coming on, you know the kind of list that has my favorite all time knits that I want to knit for me.

4.  While knitting, I am going to catch up on my podcast/videocasts/Neflix/Audible books that I have waiting.

And thats it!  It's going to be a great two weeks, I am so looking forward to the restful time off.

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