Saturday, December 06, 2014

Yarnover 2014

This is the 2nd year that our friend Vicki has hosted the knitters to her lovely home for Yarnover, a yarn swap/eating/knitting/just having the best time together doing what we love.  Vicki's home is lovely and this year I snapped some pictures.  This lady is amazing and such a kind soul.  She is the one who got me knitting prayer shawls!  Come along for some beautiful pictures of Christmas entertaining.

I just love this large nativity scene that she has in front of her most unusual tree.

The candles on the mantle are glittery red Luminara Candles, I've got to get me some of these.  Just look at the way the mirror is decorated and I love the patchwork stockings hung in front of the fireplace.

 The view from the kitchen, I love her windows that you can look out from the back of the house, letting so much good light in for knitting.

 There is another tree in the dining room and the tapers on the table are not real either, but from afar, you would never know.

Vicki sets a lovely table don't you think?!  I could have stolen these plates!

Downstairs, is this lovely knitting theme tree.  It is so darn cute.

And of course my fave, the turquoise tree.

Everybody's yarn was laid out randomly on the table in baggies with our names on it and yardage, just in case someone had questions about the yarn.  This is what is left at the end, which Vicki donates to the group who is knitting prayer shawls for the Hospice Home.  I got a couple of nice yarns that I'll blog about down the road at some point in time.

After we ate and swapped yarn, we settled in for some treats. Everyone brought a dozen cookies and we had a nice little treat or two or three or well you get the jist.  I scored a Caribe Blue yarn cookie!

 It was such a lovely afternoon spent with some of my best friends who share a common love for knitting and yarn.

 In beautiful, holiday surroundings.

 Thank you Vicki and Debbie for hosting a lovely afternoon, I so much enjoyed it!

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Kristen Rettig said...

Fun! Thank you for sharing!