Sunday, December 07, 2014

No Sox Sunday

I did not knit on any sox today.  I've spent the day cleaning, putting up some more decorations, laundry and rearranging a room.  When I woke up this morning, I thought we would be putting up a pencil tree in this corner to the left of the rocker.

But when the Tall Guy put the first piece in the stand, it was evident that a slim tree was not a pencil tree.  There was just no way it was going in the corner.  He tried really hard to give me options in the living room of where it would go, but without re-arranging furniture it was a no go.  And as I voiced my thoughts more than once, I moved to a bigger house so I don't have to re-arrange furniture at Christmas.

The slim tree was packed up and returned.  My little tree that I have been using the last few years at the old house was set up in the yarn room.  I was pretty bummed so I went onto other projects that were on my list.  I set up my Precious Moments Nativity Set.  I haven't had room to set it up in years.

Our spare room has been pretty much a catch all since we moved in.  With a bit of re-arranging of my ratty chair to the other side and a rocker that started in the yarn room, moved to the living room, and now has a home in front of the windows so we can watch the major amount of birds and squirrels we have feeding in our back yard.  (Thats why the rocker is facing the windows)

After taking bags and assorted dropped stuff to the yarn room, the bedroom and the basement, I talked the Tall Guy into putting up my quilt rack that has been in limbo with no home since we moved in.  I used it for my quilted wall hangings during the year, and really used the shelf piece too.  Now, I have a space for my new candles too!

After all that, I realized that I could bring my little tree downstairs and enjoy it.  It could go in the rocker space and doesn't take a whole lot of room.

I guess it was bashert that the slim tree wasn't a pencil tree.  It all worked out for the best.

Oh, I am not at all finished on the tree front yet, I still want to buy a larger tree for the 2nd floor, and I am still trimming my Snoopy Tree in the basement (the basement is Peanuts themed), but I am saving that for later this week, for now it is time to just kick back and put the feet up, tomorrow is another work day.

Only 10 more working days to this year for me, though!

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