Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

A couple of weeks ago, a small group of us Knit Wits got together and started the Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to knit mine out of.  I made trips to two different local yarn shops and could not come up with a DK that I wanted for it.  And believe it or now, there really wasn't anything in the Yarn Room that I felt was right for it.  So I cast on with my Mad Tosh Light in the Fragrant color way. 

 The color grew on me.  Others liked it so I continued on.  But,  it just did not appear on my scrunched up needles like it was very big.  I knew that I would need to knit more repeats to mine, because I was using a much lighter weight than the recommended dk yarn it was knit with.  

On Thursday night at Knit Night, I made a mistake and just could not fix it without ripping back, so I popped it off the needles.  To say it was small is a bit of an understatement!  It was doll size.  I NEVER knit tight, but this was evident that maybe sometimes I do.

For perspective, I put the coasters next to it.  I was pretty bummed.  This was Friday.    I ripped it out and started looking for something else to knit my shawl out of.   I came home with nothing.  I was at the shop today and still no luck.

Never to give up, I cast on tonight with a size 8 needle.  I love it already.  The hand of the shawl is so soft now and I am excited to  continue on with it.

The most odd thing is that I am a loose knitter, not just loose but a really loose knitter.  Generally, I have to go down a couple of needle sizes from the git go.

This one is most baffling!

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