Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just A Couple of Shawls

that I am working on.  My first one is Dinner in the Eiffel Tower.  A group of us are knitting this along together, under the guidance of our friend Pam.  Dinner in the Eiffel Tower is a half pi.  This particular pattern calls for a DK, but since I really did not have any in the Yarn Room (I know it is hard to believe) that I wanted to use for it, I chose some Madtosh Light.  

I'm going to need to add some extra rows onto this shawl, otherwise it will barely cover an arm.  And that is going to require some math and thought.  

I think it is interesting the way the color shows up in this picture, there is a bit of orange/rust that shows up that I haven't seen with the naked  eye.  

We are getting together on Saturday to knit together and address questions.  The lattice section seems to give people the most problems, and it has that pesky k2tbl in it.

My other take along shawl right now is the Pi Shawl out of Madtosh Pashmina.  I am just loving knitting on this one when I get the chance.

No major progress on my Hospice Home Prayer Shawl right now, but maybe this weekend.  It really needs some attention.

Just one more work day to get through and then the weekend.  Blog at you later!

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