Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Countdown Is On!

No, not for Christmas, but the countdown until no work....5 Days until 10 days off! Technically, it includes weekends, but for me it is a straight shot of  doing only what I want to do.  At this writing, I am still noodlin taking Friday off.

I've got a little list going on in my head of what I would like to accomplish while on break.  I'm working towards our family celebration on New Year's Eve so I have plenty of time to finish the two top down sweaters for the great-nephew and great-niece.  And then I am seriously going to try and get some things off of needles for me.

This time off for the holidays are going to be so different.  Since both eves land on a Saturday, the regular knitting at Knit 4 Together won't happen.  There will be a little withdrawal there.

It will just be the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day as everyone else we usually get together are going to be in Iowa or Aurora.  Something similar happened a couple of years ago, and I swore then that wouldn't happen again.  I think though, I can almost unequivocably say that this is the last year that will happen.

Next year, we will definitely be in Iowa for Christmas, because wait for will be our grandchild's first Christmas!  You heard it here, and you know what that knitting starts soon.

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