Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ninth Day of Christmas Vacation

 Well, to start off it is a rainy unseasonable warm day.  Yesterday, we were in the 50's in Central Illinois.  If I can talk the Tall Guy into going for groceries himself today, I think I'll enjoy this almost last day of Christmas vacation.  Sure there are a few days before I have to go back to work, but today really is the last day where I won't be occupied with family or friends.  A day to stay in the jammies as long as I want.

I'll have Monday as well off, but come Monday, the eyes will be looking towards going to work and a week that already is full of stuff to do.  But, lets not even go there til then.

Part of this is what is sitting in front of me.  I still have not made a decision of what I want to be knitting right now, but hope to firm that up while I am enjoying the day.  First, I need to get my projects arranged and decided on.

My List:
For Work - something that I can knit and talk while knitting, - but since we are starting a walking program on Tuesday during lunch, I guess that doesn't need to be a priority to figure it out.

The next two are because I really feel the need to work on something that came from their shop when I am knitting there so I need a project from two of my lyses.

The at home project - I think Bloosmsbury is defiinitely on this list

In the car - something that is always there, in case of long lights or emergencies.

And of course I am sure there is a bag waiting for each and everyone of these projects.

Finally, I think I'll work on sorting the yarn room again today.  At Thanksgiving, when I was cleaning up the living room/dining room, many patterns and books got dumped on the bookcase and table in there.  Today, would be a good day to get that in order.  Who knows it might rejuvenate a project.

The real goal of the day though is to NOT start a new project but pull something on the needles and continue with it.

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