Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Tenth Day of Christmas Vacation

What a fun filled day!  It started out at Knit Four Together, where my friend Debbie P gave me this super cute book.  I had never seen it and it is full of cool baby things to knit.  Talk about A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

After knitting, Baby Boy A and his wife came from Iowa and we opened presents at our house.  This clever wreath was made just for by Mrs. Baby Boy A.  Does she know me or what?

The evening festivities were moved to the Tall Guy's sister's house as she has a little more room than we do. 
It was a great evening of presents and surprises. 

 My niece made me two sets of earrings.  She is getting to be quite the jewelry maker.  Last summer she made me some Cardinal red and white ones.  For Christmas, she made me a set of teal ones and teal and black.  They so go with my nail polish.  Do these people know me????

The sweaters I knit for the greats fit to a t.  My great niece actually left hers on for quite awhile!  It is the perfect length tunic for her leggins.  I believe these were a hit!!  If you remember, I bought ready-to-wear t-shirts to measure up against for length of arms and torso.  What a smart idea that was!

At Thanksgiving, I taught my niece and sister-in-law how to knit.  Tonight, my niece learned how to bind off her washcloth and then we cast on again, just a few stitches, so she could learn how to purl.

Success!  And she bought yarn and needles to knit herself a scarf to go with her new coat.  I think we have a knitter here.

What a great New Years Eve this has been.  Spending it with all our family.  We were so lucky that everyone could be together tonight! 

So long 2011!

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