Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Fourth Day of Christmas Vacation

Our tree stays lit all day today.

 This is where we started earlier this weekend.  Hot pink for a yoke sweater.  But only have one ball and this would require going to Morton on Tuesday.  This also means that sometime long about tomorrow, I'll lose about a day knitting on this sweater.

 So I decided to cast on with this Encore Colorspun that I have enough to complete the top down raglan tunic.  With this one, I would lose no time having to go and buy yarn for.

This is the third one that I started this afternoon on.  I only have one ball of yarn in the light pink and if I want to continue with the light pink and then use the green, cream and hot pink on the yoke, I would need to make a trip to Dunlap on Tuesday to get more yarn in the pink.  The plan was to go on Wednesday to Dunlap not Tuesday. 

I'm having a hard time making a decision on this one.  The only reason I don't go back to the Colorspun is that Pink is this little lady's fave color.  Oy!

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